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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has a number of service centers which are used as points of contact between individuals who need immigration help and the authority. The service centers are spread across the major cities in all states to make them easily accessible.

Some of the services offered at the immigration service centers include obtaining information regarding immigration procedures, initiating immigration services such as application for a passport and visa and monitoring the progress of an immigration request that had been filed earlier.

As most of the US immigration procedures have become computerized, most of the service centers are quick and efficient to provide the information or service sought. The Citizenship and Immigration Services also provides an online service center for individuals who may not be in close proximity to a physical service center, or those who need simple services such as tracking of a petition or application.

Clients interested in using the services of a service center are advised to pay attention to various factors in order to ensure that they get fast, reliable service from the facility. For instance, when applying for an immigration-related service, it would be wise to first get information regarding all the requirements that need to be fulfilled for the claim to be filed.

This way, the client will approach the service center with all documentation in hand, making it easier for processing to be done. If not, it is possible for the process to be much longer and fraught with unnecessary delays. In foreign lands, US embassies act as service centers for all American immigration-related issues.

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