Criminal Deportation Removal Defense

Since September 30, 1996 and the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, (Pub. L. No. 104-208, 110 Stat. 3009 "IIRAIRA"), the rights of aliens in the United States have been severely curtailed when past criminal conduct is a factor. Crimes that previously did not cause immigration consequences can now trigger deportation proceedings against an alien. Crimes as serious as murder and as minor as shoplifting can result in a deportation.

There are three agencies, which may have jurisdiction or input into a deportation or removal proceeding:

How can The Shulman Law Group help you?

At The Shulman Law Group, our immigration lawyers have experience with those who are in the United States who been charged or convicted of a crime and are subsequently placed in deportation or removal proceedings. 

Our attorneys know the proper defenses and proofs to offer the judge in a deportation/removal hearing. In the past, we have shown that our clients have successfully been rehabilitated or show remorse, that they have strong family ties, or longevity in the United States.

Why The Shulman Law Group?

Our immigration lawyers are constantly seeking to find creative solutions to our clients' deportation problems by staying abreast of new laws, regulations, and federal court decisions affecting immigrants. We also vigorously pursue post-conviction remedies in criminal cases to create affirmative defenses from deportation and/or removal, or to allow aliens to qualify for deportation /removal discretionary waivers.

Contact our office for more information about criminal deportation and removal defense or to schedule an appointment with our immigration attorneys.

To make the long story short - I wouldn't be here now writing this review if it wasn't for him. He fought with me and for me as if he was defending himself and not some stranger from a foreign country. I will highly recommend him - if your case has any chance at all he is the one you need.

-Immigration Client

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