Battered Spouse Petitions (VAWA)

Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed by Congress in 1994, the spouses, children, and parents of United States citizens or lawful permanent residents (LPR) may self-petition to obtain lawful permanent residency if it can be demonstrated or proven that they have been the victim of domestic violence. This may include physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and/or economic abuse.

Apply for a Battered Spouse Petition

The immigration provisions of VAWA allow certain battered immigrants to file for immigration relief without the abuser’s assistance or knowledge, in order to seek safety and independence from the abuser. The protections apply equally to women and men.

How can The Shulman Law Group help you?

All of the staff members and immigration lawyers at the Shulman Law Group are extremely sensitive and compassionate about issues relating to domestic abuse. Our immigration lawyers work closely with you to file a Battered Spouse Petition. We have successfully helped hundreds of individuals who have been victims of familial violence to obtain legalized status in the United States, independent of the perpetrating petitioner.

Why The Shulman Law Group?

The immigration lawyers at Shulman Law Group have particular expertise and skill in helping clients in these situations. We help you prepare compelling personal statements, obtain affidavits from witnesses of the abuse, acquire legal and probative documentation of the abuse, and steer you to appropriate mental health professionals for treatment and psychological evaluations to be utilized in their applications.

To make the long story short - I wouldn't be here now writing this review if it wasn't for him. He fought with me and for me as if he was defending himself and not some stranger from a foreign country. I will highly recommend him - if your case has any chance at all he is the one you need.

-Immigration Client

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