Biometrics can be defined as pieces of data that are used to uniquely identify an individual. When handling any immigration service, it is important to ensure that the person seeking the service is not an impostor, and using biometrics is the surest way of doing this.

In the tech industry, biometric identification includes a large number of metrics including DNA, hand prints, finger prints and even iris scans. For immigration purposes, the biometric information that is usually paid attention to include one’s signature, their fingerprints and physical traits. Whenever an individual is filing an immigration application and has to provide such information, it is vital that they be as accurate as possible. Failure to do so could lead to dismissal of the application, such as when an individual who claimed to have blue eyes shows up at an interview and has brown eyes instead.

One’s signature is an important biometric marker, and which will show up in many immigration phones. It is imperative that the signature they settle on is one that they are comfortable of reproducing without much variance. Ideally, this should be a signature that they have been using for a long time on official documentation.
Fingerprints are usually obtained by the consular officers when making applications for visas and other documents. These are then stored, or can be run through fingerprint databases to ensure that the applicant is not a person of interest, such as a terrorist.

The physical traits usually used as biometric markers in immigration include the height of the individual, their skin and hair color, and the color of their eyes. It is postulated that soon, iris scanners may be introduced as they are unique to each individual, similar to fingerprints. Notable marks such as prominent scars and birth marks are also considered biometric markers.

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